2010 Puppies


dam: Kiana

  • b. April 8, 2008
  • height/weight: 26.5" 73#
  • coat/color: gray sable plush
  • hips: PennHip L 0.38 R 0.42
  • elbows: OFA Normal prelim
  • heart: SLH-CA307/16F/C-VPI
  • eyes: SHS-193, 2009
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sire: Murphy

  • b. December 30, 2008
  • height: approx 28"
  • coat/color: black/red plush
  • hips: PennHip L 0.33 R 0.35
  • elbows: OFA Normal prelim
  • heart: SLH-CA320/15M/C-VP
  • eyes: Normal SHS-199
  • thyroid: SLH-TH156/13M-VPI
  • TLI: Normal, 8.5
  • dm: SLH-DM15/13M-VPI
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High Caliber Shilohs is thrilled to announce the arrival of nine lovely puppies from our beautiful Kiana and handsome Murphy. Planned for 2011, Murphy took it upon himself to escalate our timeline.


Kiana is a large, gray sable female with an exquisitely soft, plush coat. She is a sweet, loving girl who is the biggest cuddlebug of our pack. She has a calm, laidback temperament in the house, but when outside, she loves to outrun all our other Shilohs. She also has beautiful movement in the show ring, having earned 11 points and two majors with Rarites/NAKC in her first show weekend last August.


Murphy is a richly pigmented black and red dual colored male with wonderfully thick fur. He has an outstanding head, being broad with great stop and having perfectly small ears. Murphy is a friendly boy with high play drive, loving to retrieve balls and Frisbees with seemingly boundless energy. He is a very smart boy and an extremely quick learner, always wanting to please and to be by my side.



"The Luau Litter"

Their litter names were Hawaiian like their Mom's

Brutus/Mulberry (8 wks)

Brutus (11 mos)
Mulberry Boy Lono - (low-no) - god of peace
now Brutus and lives with us in Pennsylvania

Vega/Cinnamon (8 wks)

Vega (11 mos)

Cinnamon Girl Kala (kah-lah) - goddess of freedom

now Vega and lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Luke/Blue (8 wks)

Luke (8 mos)

Blue Boy Nui (noo-ee) - big

now Luke and lives in Marietta, Pennsylvania

Lilly/Rose (8 wks)

Lilly (11 mos)

Rose Girl Uli (ooo-lee) - goddess of magic

now Lilly and lives in Westfield, Massachusetts

Oz/Sage (8 wks)

Oz (9 mos)

Sage Boy Koa (koh-ah) - brave, bold, fearless

now Oz and lives in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania

Kaylee/Scarlet (8 wks)

Kaylee (7 mos)

Scarlet Girl Sina (see-nah) - goddess of female energy

now Kaylee and lives in Westfield, Massachusetts

Henry/Teal (8 wks)

Henry (11 mos)

Teal Boy Malu (mah-loo) - protection, shelter, peace

now Henry and lives in Whitmore Lake, Michigan

Lucy/Butterscotch (8 wks)

Lucy (11 mos)

Butterscotch Girl Lani (lah-nee) - sky, heaven

now Lucy and lives in McLean, Virginia

Loki/Denim (8 wks)

Denim Boy Kuula (koo-lah) - god of fishermen

now Loki and lives in State College, Pennsylvania



TD rbsCH Caliber’s Kiana Kulani of CJ, TT
aka Kiana

dob: April 8, 2008
height/weight: 26.5" 73#
coat/color: gray sable plush

sire: CJ's Cadence of Shenandoah
dam: CJ's Dreamin de Lobo
hips: PennHip L 0.38 R 0.42, 13mos
elbows: OFA Normal prelim 13mos

heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA307/16F/C-VPI

eyes: CERF Normal, SHS-193, 2009
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nCHptd Caliber's Strike Force of MaCree

aka Murphy
dob: December 30, 2008
height/weight: approx 28"
coat/color: black/red plush
sire: MaCree’s Tribute To The Great One, SAR
dam: nJrCh CJ's Rockin Rio De Lobo, SAR
hips: PennHip L 0.33 R 0.35, no DJD
elbows: OFA Normal (prelim 13 mos)
heart: OFA Normal, cardiologist SLH-CA320/15M/C-VPI
eyes: CERF Normal SHS-199
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH156/13M-VPI
TLI: Normal, 8.5
DM: OFA Clear for Degenerative Myelopathy SLH-DM15/13M-VPI
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