Puppy Application:

This Pre-Adoption application asks questions to help you and Caliber Shilohs decide if a Shiloh Shepherd is the right breed for you. It will help us to select the right puppy for you. We observe the puppies' behaviors, personalities and temperaments. The information on this form helps us to get to know a little bit about you. We urge you to be very honest with us about yourself and your home life, as the main goal is to find suitable homes for our puppies. One puppy may be perfect in a busy household, while another may panic and need a quiet home. Shiloh Shepherds truly have their own personalities.


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NOTE: Due to some security protection issues, if you are using an @aol.com or @yahoo.com address, please use yourname@calibershilohs.com in the email address section and note your correct email address in the comment section of this application.




City: State: Zip: Country:


Home Phone*: Work Phone: Occupation:


How did you hear of us?


How did you learn about Shiloh Shepherds?

Please take your time answering the following questions; answer all the questions. Give us as much information as possible; if you need more room, please use the comment section and label with the correct question number.


1. In what type of housing do you reside?


2. Do you live:


3. Do you


If you rent, does your landlord permit dogs? yes no


Would you permit us to contact your landlord? yes no


Landlord's name and phone number:


4. Do you have a fenced yard? yes (in feet) no


Are you able to leash walk your dog at least 4 times daily for necessary functions? yes no


If no, why?


5. My household consists of the following number of: Adults Children dogs cats other


My children's ages: Adult ages:


My dogs are (list breed, age, sex, intact or spayed/neutered):


6. I have owned dogs in the past


7. My dogs were: because:


other reasons:


8. Does anyone in the household have allergies? no yes, what type?


9. Do you expect to have children? yes no


10. Do you have a person living in the household that is


11. I am interested in a pet and plan to spay/neuter: yes no


12. I am interested in showing and/or breeding: yes no


13. I am interested in training my dog in:


14a. My dog will spend most of his/her time during the day:


14b. My dog will spend most of his/her time at night:


15. The temperament I expect from my dog, as per the following possibilities would be:


The mailman knocks at the door with a package delivery, I want my dog to:


other, please explain


16. I would like a:


17. I would like a:


18. I would like a:


19. Which family member will have the major responsibility for the dog?


20. How many hours a day would the dog be left alone? hours


21. If necessary, are you willing to crate train your Shiloh? yes no


22. Do you agree to return your Shiloh to us if you are unable to keep it? yes no


23. Are you willing to keep the dog up to date on all of its vaccines, screen for heartworm, use heartworm preventative and use flea preventative? yes no


24. Are you willing to:


25. Are you willing to have your dog seen by a vet at least once a year? yes no


26. Are you willing to feed your dog only a high quality food? yes no


27. Are you willing to license your dog, keep it properly identified and abide by your state and local laws concerning dog ownership? yes no


28. Are you willing to stay in contact with us and keep us up to date on your puppy's growth, health, and temperament and provide us with photographs of your Shiloh as he/she grows? yes no


29. Who is your Veterinarian?




Address, City, State, ZIP:


Phone Number:


30. Please list 3 references (2 if you would like to count your Veterinarian). Please include complete names, addresses and telephone numbers:




By submitting this application, I (we) authorize the Veterinarian listed on this application to release information to High Caliber Shilohs.


Applicant's name: Date:

Which breeding are you interested in, and why did you choose this breeding?


Any further questions and/or comments you may have can be included with this application. Please make your comments below: note: if you are using an @aol.com or @yahoo.com address, and you used yourname@calibershilohs.com in the email address section above, this is where you would note your correct email address.

Please contact us for further information and details regarding the deposit.


Thank you for your interest in High Caliber Shilohs.